What Are the Best Ceramic Schools in the World?

Investigating the best places for the ceramic arts

The school your attend as a ceramic artist can make a huge difference to your skills, your network, and your long-term career. Here are the top ceramic schools in the world that are known for their amazing programs, facilities, and contributions to the field of ceramic arts.
Royal College of Art, London

THE ROYAL COLLEGE OF ART (LONDON)The Royal College of Art in London is one of the topmost institutions for ceramic arts. The program includes a Master of Arts in Ceramics & Glass focusing on original design and technical skill. The program promotes speculations within contemporary practices and sustainable methodologies, providing the skills to begin or advance in a career as a graphic designer and artist.
Alfred University, State University of New York

The School of Art and Design at Alfred University (AU) located in Upstate New York is known for its wide-ranging ceramics program. For those interested in further Ceramic study, SUNY New Paltz does offer both a Bachelor and Master degree in Ceramic Art which allows one to focus both practically and theoretically. The university has exceptional facilities and a faculty of artists and scholars of national reputation.

California College of the Arts, San Francisco, Calif.

CeramicsCalifornia College of the ArtsCalifornia College of the Arts offers a demanding Ceramics program that looks at the craft of ceramic arts as well as the conceptual. With a strong emphasis on practical and industry-relevant skills, students will also develop their critical thinking around the role the material plays in contemporary art and design.
Rhode Island School of Design, Providence

Summary of a vibrant program in ceramics at the prestigious art school, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). One thing that makes this program unique is the manner in which ceramics is taught as a means of personal expression and social commentary while taking ceramics as an art form beyond traditional ceramic practice.

Taiwanese Student Kyoka Zhan at Kyoto City University of Arts

Kyoto City University of Arts in Japan In Japan, Kyoto City University of Arts provides an insight into ceramics with the firm sense cultivated independently from the rich ceramic tradition of Japan. Expanding on the depth of ceramic crafts with its roots in cultural heritage, this program is ideal for a student interested in a blend of tradition and contemporary artistry.
Plotting a Course of Study in Ceramic Artists

Picking the best ceramic college means you must look at a lot of different things like location, curriculum focus, faculty, facilities, and, of course, overall educational environment. Future students should take the time to critically research each program to ensure it will help them reach both their artistic and career goals.
Strategies for Success

Go to Schools: If you have the opportunity to visit some schools, walk the campus, meet with some faculty and students.
Alumni Work: Evaluate where alumni are today as a way to review the programs track record in preparing professionals to enter the workforce.
Location: Where the school is located can affect what kind of art scene exists and what opportunities are available.
The world's top ceramic schools give students not only technical instruction but also a place to express their creativity in ceramics and where they can unlock the potential of ceramic raw materials.
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